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We know that a dress is personal, and one of the tough decisions is figuring out what to do with it after the wedding. Whatever your choice, we’re here to help, both before and after your wedding.


We believe in giving back to the community, and if you so wish, we’re willing to help you donate your dress to a not-for-profit of your choice. We’ll handle the logistics to make it all as painless as possible to give your dress a second life and help other women achieve their dream of wearing a beautiful wedding dress. We also have a few suggestions of organizations that we like:


Bridal Garden: http://www.bridalgarden.org/about.html


Brides Against Breast Cancer: http://www.bridesagainstbreastcancer.org/


I Do Foundation: https://www.idofoundation.org/about/


The Brides Project: http://www.thebridesproject.com/


Many brides prefer to preserve their dresses as a family heirloom or for sentimental reasons. Preservation requires special packaging and treatment, and we can help you connect with our own specialist.


As always, we’re here to help.


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